Together, We Are One


Are you an agency owner (regardless of size and experience) that is missing out on these opportunities?

* Wanting Increased Commissions?
* Immediately Qualify for Profit-Sharing Bonuses?
* Mi
ssing Out on Market Access to major insurance companies?
* Needing access to an experienced team of commercial producers?
* Wanting access to specialty programs designed for specific commercial customers?

We are offering an incredible opportunity to solve these issues, plus many others.


* Absolutely NO REGISTRATION FEES to sign up

* NO CANCELLATION FEES to leave the group

* Agent maintains 100% ownership of their book of business

* Direct appointments with large insurance companies

* Immediately eligible for profit-sharing bonuses (No production qualification)

* Above-average commissions with carriers (Take advantage of negotiated commissions with pooled production)

* Sales support with marketing, product knowledge, and training

* Agent networking opportunities (Agents of all experience levels within North Carolina)

* Access to the Commercial Team (Don't miss business insurance opportunities.  Let us help)

* Agency Perpetuation Opportunities (Selling, Retiring,...?  We can help)

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